WHY PAUSE? When Super HUMans are just a call way!

HUMans Help You Start Your Project and Create Lasting Impact By Harnessing Technology, Community Sourcing, Skill Projects, & Real-life Research

Who We Are?

What's HUM?

 We are a proud hub of Super HUMans coming from different walks of life, HUM Foundation is an awarded 5 year old  global community working to channelize youth and making them resourceful. We accelerate dream projects to create impact in-line of SDG Goals.

We Change Lives, Every Day



Life's Impacted.


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Projects Incubated

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Getting the job done, no matter what.

Our Work

Getting the job done, no matter what.

Successful Projects

Humara Adda

Humara Adda is a pan India flagship youth carnival where artists, businessmen, startups, and innovators meet to show their talent and ideate solutions. Footfall: 10,000+.


Aalekh is a flamboyant Youth Magazine focused on social and technical issues for the Gen Z. Aalekh has six issues till date which have covered unheard tales, social causes, youth's concern and futuristic technology.

Startup Conclave

Startup Conclave is the best place to discuss future of technology(AI, Cyber Security) and meet like-minded solution providers who accelerate change. HUM has a startup network running.

Reader's Adda

Reader's Adda was launched to promote book reading and literature among students

Project Rainbow

Project Rainbow(NGO summit) brings together social workers, organizations under one platform to discuss ideas that maximize social good

Skill Bootcamp

Our bootcamps have effectively helped 10,000+ students gain soft and hard skills.

Hum Connect

We connect students, entrepreneurs, social activists, and researchers with one agenda of finding sustainable solutions to the pertinent solutions. At HUM connect, you discuss ideas and meet executors

HUM Tree Talk

Unconventional Talks Worth Hearing. HUM Tree Talk is the place where we celebrate the odd and the unconventional. We celebrate the uniqueness in you. Tree talks have been shared 1011+ times, reach 110000+ people.


HUM Zubaan is a blend of humor, giggles and melody. HUM Zubaan is a platform for poets, musicians, artists to display their art and passion. Students from Zambia, Africa, Afghanistan, and India have been a part of the past

Why we Different


Leveraging Synergies

At HUM Connect, we bring students, industry experts, researchers, innovators at one place

Fostering Creativity

We dont say no to any persuit. Art, Science and Engineering and Everythingfinds a place at HUM. Even we have to cakery tree for foodies.

Promoting Hands-On-Learning

Multiple live projects to run simultaneously, Giving you the opportunity to try new exciting domains.

Promoting Research & Innovation

Our RAI wing works to build a culture of research & innovation helping you ask question and seek solutions. You can be next Sherlock with RAI

Knowledge Transfer

We invite mentors to share their knowledge with a vetted community of students and professionals. This ensures we are updated with AI, ML, Design Thinking, and rest.

Impact Chapters

Any Students who is enthusiatic about litreture, science, social cause or technology can start a chapter. intent is to groom the aspirants and nurture them for the future

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