Don't complain, start

Be the change you want to see!

18.9 million people are jobless in India. Majority of them are unskilled. We believe everyone deserves a good life, a happy existence and through HUM we lend them hope by skilling them. Hope to live a life with dignity creating immense impact.

Together we can!

At HUM, I become a part of a hub of thoughtful HUMans who work to drive change and maximize social impact
- Akash Barua

We believe that concerned common citizens(like us) hold the power to change the system. Together we can change the system. We bring them together for the same reason: to seek solutions!.

Collaborate to Win

"Collaborate and make friends. Nobody can defeat you then."
– Akash Arora

We believe team efforts multiply successes and divide failures. We as a team strive hard to fulfill our promises of a better society through collective effort.

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