What We Do ?

WHY PAUSE? When Super HUMans are just a call way!

30% Youth are Inactive in India. (Highest)

We make youth active, resourceful, skilled and future ready. All our initiatives are aimed at positive youth development, capacity building, helping youth find solutions by harnessing new technologies, scientific breakthroughs and research. Program:

– A year wide program which is a blend of skill boot-camps, technical learning, in-hands projects, online training, knowledge transfer sessions and a lot of fun events like open mic

– We help youth start their project instantly providing them with necessary blueprint and proper guidance from Super HUMans

Think Locally, Impact Globally

You Are Born to Stand Out

We cherish the artist in you. HUM provides a platform to all budding poets, musicians, craftsmen where they display their art and get the requisite feedback and growth. Our project HUM Zubaan aims to create familiar spaces and market linkages for Indian and Foreign students.

For Businesses

Without HUM, I would have never got the platform to showcase my product and grow my venture - Kaushal Sahu (Entrepreneur)

Building economies and supporting entrepreneurs are at the heart of all our initiatives. Through Humara Adda, Startup Meetup and City wise bootcamps we help businesses prosper by pooling resources, connects and building market linkages. 30+ startups have benefited from our initiatives.

For Intellectuals

One good thought can build one good project which solves 1 major societal challenge - Swami Rishavdevanandji

The Board of Mentors is a futuristic think tank of experts and stalwarts at HUM who shape the way and handhold ideas till execution.

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